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THEME: “What I Saw Along The Way


  • The photo(s) must have you or your Vette in it this year.

  • The photo(s) should have the CCP 2006 Sign visible.

  • Must be photo(s) you have taken while cruisin / participating with your Vette …the photo(s) can be of anything you found interesting along the way – no theme other than non-vulgar …and yes, for this contest, we will even count photos taken if you trailered your Vette, as long as they meet the criteria above.

  • Winner will be selected by MOST POPULAR Member Vote (by photo number on voting slip) at the December 1, 2006 Membership Meeting.

  • You are limited to three (3) entries per CTV member.  Take lots of pictures all year and select your best ones for entry in December - BE CREATIVE!!!

  • Your Photo(s) MUST BE provided to Doug PRIOR to the start of the December 1st Membership Meeting so they can be added to the Contest Board - which will be displayed for voting.

  • The Contest Voting slips will be passed out, one slip per person and they will be counted by at least two CTV members which do not have a photo in the contest.

  • The Contest Winner and AWARD will be presented at the 2006 Christmas Party / Awards Banquet.

2005 Photo Contest Page


Please email information to Doug McMahan


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