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To promote personal, club and NCCC activities in your Corvette, while having FUN! 


The Cowtown Cruiser Program is an annual program designed to promote Corvette enjoyment, Corvette cruising along with socialization among Cowtown members, above and beyond other club & NCCC activities.  Doug McMahan created this program in 2005, very similar to the "HOG ABC's of Touring", a national Harley Davidson program, however; over the years it has been modified significantly to fit Cowtown & Corvettes.

While our monthly socials may include a few cruises for the year, this program is designed to allow you (alone or with a small group) to cruise to your hearts content to rack up points for annual "Cowtown Cruiser Awards."  The Cruise, Special Events Chairperson or the Socials Chairperson typically organizes any official Cowtown cruises which also earns points towards for the Cruiser Awards. All "sponsored" Cowtown Cruises must be announced in the Low-Down, on the website and at Meetings - All Members and Prospective Members are all invited to participate.


•  The Cowtown Cruiser Program is designed to put you in your Corvette to enjoy some highway, while having fun and representing Cowtown Vettes. This is a Cowtown (non-NCCC sanctioned) program in which you accumulate points during the year towards winning Cowtown Cruiser Awards. See your current Cowtown Low-Down or the Cruiser Chairperson for full details and an Entry Form.

•  You will cruise to destinations (as defined by the Cruise Sponsor) and take pictures of you and your Corvette, while holding the current copy of the Official Cruiser Sign beside an "official sign". To locate the required "official signs" you will find yourself cruising lots of miles. When you have enough pictures to satisfy the Award Requirements, you would submit your entry packet to the Cruiser Chairperson and they will validate your points. Cowtown Cruiser Awards will be presented at the Annual Christmas Party / Awards Banquet.

•  You can participate in the Cowtown Cruiser program by yourself, with friends, along with any of the officially scheduled Cowtown Cruises. Some cruises may also be associated with Cowtown Socials.

•  If you have questions or would like clarifications, please contact our Cruiser Chairperson.

Here's a tip: Start thinking about Cities and Counties that begin with the letter "X - its TOUGH ONE!!!


1  A complete copy of the Official Guidelines and the Cruiser Entry Form from the Cruiser Chairperson.

If you have any questions, your welcome to turn in a copy of your Cruiser Entry Form to the Cruiser Chairperson at any time to discuss them.  This is to help all become educated on the program and aid in resolving any misunderstandings or issues as early as possible.

At the end of the cruise year, you are responsible for submitting your complete Cowtown Cruiser Entry Packet to Cruiser Chairperson by the official deadline which is midnight Sunday, November 5th, 2017, with Photos to the Chairperson by midnight, November 12th.

The Entry Packet (per CTV Member) must contain:

•  The completed Cruiser Entry / Log Form (LOG FORM EXAMPLE)

•  If you were a Cruise Sponsor:

•  A copy of the Route Plan & Sign-in sheet for every cruise you sponsored (Max of 5).

•  A copy of the Cruise sign-in sheet (NCCC waiver), to validate qualifications.

•  The CCP Entry Sheets cannot be re-submitted after the deadline, without the Cruise Chair person asking for additional information or validation.

•  A qualified photo for each point listed on the Entry Form - however, photos will not be required until Midnight Sunday, November 12, 2017, either by mail or hand delivered to the Cruiser Chair person.  If extenuating circumstances prevail around the photo delivery date, please contact the chairperson.

4  Cowtown Cruiser Award levels are based on the number of points earned annually. Note: All Cities of the Alphabet except the letter "X" can be found in Texas.  It is possible to visit 17 Cities / Towns (17 of the alphabet) just by cruising Dallas, Denton, Johnson & Tarrant Counties - HOWEVER, ENJOY your Vette and see some of the places that you have probably NEVER SEEN before and don't forget about the bonus point for cities, states, etc. outside of Texas.  The proposed Cruiser Awards will be based on a 3-tier structure with the members earning the three highest levels of points being eligible for additional awards.

Gold (100 points)

Silver (75 points)

Bronze (50 points)

5  The Cruiser Awards are individual standalone awards, not "couples" awards like the 100%'er awards, you MUST submit a separate photo for each points location (i.e. per City, County or State).  A photo cannot double up for points or spouses*. Like a sign: "Entering Austin, Leaving Austin" must have a separate photo submitted for each point for each person's entry packet, even if photo has multiple official points in it (i.e. if you want to submit Austin for City & County, you must have two different photos). You could also use a post office with "Austin, TX" on it; if needing a photo for state and city ...submit two photos (can be the same picture) but you need one for each. 

6  Chevrolet dealerships or an auto race track/facility can qualify / count for a City (located in) or State (see Entry/Log form for additional information).

7  Libraries and Schools CANNOT be used.

8  We have added extra points for the use of Historical Markers rather than road signs, however they must contain the city or county name on the sign and it must be legible - examples

9   Extra points for cruising to Cities, Counties & other items outside of Texas have also been added.

10 Historic Churches have one point value each; you can have more than one per town; out of state and historical markers also increase the point value.  What constitutes a "historic church" you might ask?  We will count them under the following circumstances:

  If the Church has a Historical Marker

  If the Church has an official date marker showing it to be more than 75 years old

  If the Church is listed on a website as being a historical church; a few examples are shown below:

  Historic Church Walking Tours of Gettysburg

  Travel Texas Historical Churches

  The Painted Churches of Texas

11 Police & Fireman Memorials can be used in the Veteran's & War Memorial section, with a one point value each; you can have more than one per town.

12 Digital photographs are acceptable if they are printed on hi-resolution photographic paper (they are not acceptable printed on standard LaserJet or Copy printer paper.) Photos should be either 3x5 or 4x6 in size.

13 Traditional 35mm slides are not acceptable.

14 If you follow strict file naming conventions, you may turn in the Photos digitally - see Cruiser Chairperson for more details.

* unless both of your are in the same group / couple photo


  A large color copy of the current year Cowtown Cruiser Logo. These are not provided by the Cruise Sponsor and there may not be extras available but you can download them for printing and lamination.

•  Roll of masking tape, paper clip or some method to hang the Logo sign on the official sign.

•  FRS Radio - it is best if there is at least two in the cruise group, the cruise leader and the the cruiser bringing up the rear.

•  Plenty of non-alcoholic drinks – cruising IS NOT the place for alcohol.

•  Quick snacks because meals may not be around noon.

•  The Cruise Sponsor will have route maps available at the start of each cruise. These may also appear in the Cowtown Low-Down or on the Cowtown Website.


•  Any official Cowtown scheduled cruises will be posted in the Cowtown Low-Down, on our Website and announced at the Membership Meetings.

•  The published cruise schedule information below is proposed and subject to change.

•  Additional cruise information will be posted in the Cowtown Low-Down and on the Cowtown website as it becomes available.

•  In case of inclement weather in the direction of the scheduled cruise and unless there is area wide inclement weather forecasted, the cruise will still be held but in a direction which affords better weather and SAFER cruising. Cancellations will be put on the website as early as possible or you can call the Cruise Sponsor. Due to fast changing weather conditions, route changes might not be posted on the Cowtown website.

•  If you wish to become a Cruise Sponsor, please contact the Special Events Chairperson with your thoughts and scheduling information.  Cruise Sponsors will earn an extra 5 points for that cruise (maximum of 25  points per year).  The cruise must be:

•  Cruises are to exceed 50 miles** one way, in distance.

•  Cruise to be scheduled and announced a minimum of two weeks before cruise date.

•  Published to Cowtown members via the Web and/or Low-Down (at minimum) and announced at the Membership Meeting.  The starting time & location, ending destination along with any stops along the way should be included.

•  Route is to be published / provided for the cruise, a sample form and assistance will be provided to you by the Cruise Chairperson.

•  A Cruise sign-in sheet (K&K waiver) will be provided by the Cruise Sponsor - this is the K&K Insurance waiver and if you don't sign it, you do not get credit for the cruise (same rules as an NCCC event and K&K rules)

•  If you do not have a digital camera, disposable cameras do work and if you forget one on the sponsored cruises, I'm sure one of our members participating will be more than happy to assist in getting you copies. 

•  Also remember, these photos are not for a photo contest and only need to contain, the member(s), the official sign and a recognizable portion of the member's Corvette (example).  When on group / sponsored cruises, group photos are also acceptable providing the members, the official sign and some member's Corvette is included.

REMEMBER: The CRUISE IS NOT about the destination... IT IS ABOUT what you see along the way!




Please email additional photos and information to Webmaster

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