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NCCC RACING - CCT - 10/9-10/04 - PAGE 1

Hosted by Corvette Club of Texas

Saturday & Sunday - October 9 & 10, 2004

7 Lo-Speed Events in Sherman / Dennison

Cowtown had 11 Vettes and 17 Members that raced the event along with a few supporters and a couple of workers

Photos labeled MACs-10/04 taken by Glenda or Doug McMahan

CTV Racers

Kevin & Cathy Anthony (Sat/Sun)

Jim & Leslie Hollinsworth (Sat/Sun)

Bruce & Yvette Lewis (Sat/Sun)

Bob Lowrey (Sat)

Tim Lowrey (Sat)

Pete McGrath (Sat/Sun)

Doug & Glenda McMahan (Sat/Sun)

Dennis McPeak (Sat/Sun)

Paul & Viola Meyers (Sat/Sun)

Bob & Cindy Morrison (Sat/Sun)

Marvin Snyder (worker / racer - Sat/Sun)

CTV Supporters (non-racers)

Red & Barb Greenfeder

Doc Lambert

Candy Lowrey (instructor for Tim)

Cheryl McPeak

Donna Snyder (worker)


Left to Right: Leslie, Jim, Glenda, Doug, Bruce, Yvette, Paul, Viola, Pete, Marvin, Kevin, Cathy, Bob & Cindy

it was a little nippy and hinting of rain when we arrived at the track on Saturday morning

Plenty of room to park your rigs

Looking down towards the Timing and staging area


Paul Wolter's held the driver's meeting

later when they changed the track a little, we huddled for another quick driver's meeting




Please email your photos to Doug McMahan

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