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Joined the Westcliff West Neighborhood Association

Annual 4th of July Parade

Monday, July 4, 2005

Cowtown Social Invite Page - and Thanks to Carol Savage

Photos labeled MACs-07/05 taken by Doug McMahan

We arrived around 9:10am and the sky wasn't looking too favorable but people were there along with snacks, drinks, etc.

Cowtown Members (53) at the Parade:

Roy & Mary Allen ('03 anniversary coupe)

Ted & Linda Anthony ('95 maroon coupe)

Todd & Tammy Austin ('86 red coupe)

Mike & Deborah Bearden ('96 silver blue convertible)

John Brefczynski & Jan Ulrickson ('96 red coupe)

Richard and Pam Byrd ('80 white coupe)

Mike & Dottie Casey ('04 spiral gray coupe)

Don & Karyn Fowler ('96 Collector's Edition silver coupe)

Jack & Karla Gandy ('84 red coupe)

Bobby & Manda Gorman ('97 black coupe)

Red & Barb Greenfeder ('05 black coupe)

Jamie & Sheri Hagwood ('95 red coupe)

Mike & Donna Herhold ('03 black coupe)

Sylvia Hoaldridge & Sharon Zschirnt ('99 magnetic red convertible)

Travis & Kelly Johnson ('91 Red Coupe)

Doc & Debbi Lambert ('03 anniversary convertible)

Don & Debbie McKenzie ('99 red coupe)

Doug McMahan (photos)

Craig Murphy ('94 red coupe)

Fred & Donna Rossett ('65 roadster)

Carol Savage ('71 white convertible)

Marvin & Donna Snyder ('03 yellow convertible)

Gail Moore & Sheila Spivey ('01 red convertible)

Allen & Judy Shanholtz (Low-lett - '61 maroon roadster)

Bob, Barb, Casey & Ryan Stage ('78 dark red metallic coupe)

Chris & Darlene Sullivan ('96 black convertible)

Frank Testa & Lei Malone (C5 metallic silver convertible)

James & Kim West ('69 frost blue coupe)

Visitors & Guests (6) at the Parade

Cassie Handlin (Doug's daughter)

Jeff Kohrman & Kris Hodo & kids (C5 & yellow C4)

Tommy Leinneweber ('05 black coupe)

John Osborne (driving the Gorman's '95 blue coupe)

Ronnie Sanchez ('05 black coupe)

Lots of Vettes were already there and they continued to pour in
Vettes participated from Cowtown Vettes, Corvette Club of Texas and Lone Star Corvette Club - the largest grouping of Vettes in this parade we have ever seen.



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