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Big Bend Open Road Race

Thursday thru Saturday, April 15, 2006

We had 7 members participating* / representing Cowtown and 2 supporters

Stan Briney*

Steve Gilland*

Red* & Barb Greenfeder

Bob* & Cindy Morrison

Karl* & Audrey* Samuels

Bob Vance*

Photos labeled BV-04/06 were provided by Bob Vance

Photos labeled KSAM-04/06 were provided by Karl & Audrey Samuels

Photos labeled CB-04/06 were provided by Bob & Cindy Morrison

Photos labeled SG-04/06 were provided by Steve Gilland

The April BBORR takes place on US Highway 285 South from Fort Stockton to Sanderson and back (about 59.0 miles each way - or 118.0 miles). The October race takes place on US Highway 385 south from Ft. Stockton to Marathon.

Bob ready to head out

Bob & Red started practicing a little, on the way out to Big Bend - luckily this only resulted in a warning ticket


One of two transports of new Corvettes that we saw on the way to BBORR

There were several NASCAR rigs on the road this trip.

The parties at the hotel do get a little wild and adult oriented

Looking down on the hotel parking at the Morrison's C5 and the Greefeder's C6
Barb & Red

?, Marty, Bob, Cindy, Barb & ?
The Morrison's C5 Cloned?

Stan Briney by his C5

other participant rides at the hotels, Don Davis (left), Keith Roberts (middle) and an unlimited NASCAR (right)



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