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The President's Pit Stop

Randy Baker - President

    Howdy Cowtown,


   With our 50th Anniversary party coming up next month on June 15th,  let’s look back to 1974 and “The Way   We Were”.  Which just happened to be that years’ Number 1 song by Barbara Streisand.


  The Way We Were:  Prices were high  but in 1974 it was thanks to the Middle East Oil Embargo


-       Car sales dropped by 12 ½ % due to gas crunch

-       The new Corvette average price rose to just over $6000 for the 1st time – with sales increasing

m      about 30,000 units to 37,000 units

-       Gas prices rose 43% (thanks OPEC!) from .38 cents a gallon to .54 cents

   According to AARP

-       Ribeye steak $2.49/lb (in today’s dollars $17.50)

-       Vanilla ice cream $1.29/gallon ($9.06 today)

-       Milk .89 cents/gallon ($6.25 today)

-       Bacon .79 cents/lb ($5.55 today)

-       Coffee .66 cents/lb ($4.57 today)

-       Chuck Roast .65 cents/lb ($4.50 today)


   Despite all of this, we did have a sense of humor with Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein being the 1st and 3rd top grossing movies. If you were around back then, I know you (like me) remember the struggles to make ends meet.  But if you are reading this – we’re still kicking and for the most part still have our sense of humor.


   Thank you …. to all that have put in the hard work over the years to keep Cowtown Vettes a fun and active diversion in good and tough times.


   Cheers to 50 Years – take your right hand and pat yourself on the back and high five a fellow CTV member.  Just like our favorite car – Cowtown Vettes – it’s been quite a ride !



                     Randy Baker

             Cowtown Vettes President



 Social News

Mary Pittman - VP - Socials - Historian



Well, 2024 is certainly flying can it already be May!!  We have already enjoyed a social, a cruise, 2 NCCC events...the Spring Scramble and the Larry Hoaldridge Memorial Autocross...and are looking forward to our “Cheers to 50 Years” celebration.




On May 11th, we will be headed out on another cruise..this one led by Doug McMahan through parts of Tarrant, Johnson and Ellis counties ending at a local winery. 


You will be able to show off your Corvette as well as enjoy wine tastings. 

They have wood fired pizza and/or charcuterie boards for purchase. 


There will be a sign-up sheet for this event at the May meeting. 

 Look for a CTV-All from Doug with details.




June will be our “big” celebration of Cowtown Vettes 50th Anniversary, our Cheers to 50 Years”...  

a “Margaritaville” themed party on June 15th at the

Lone Star Towers Clubhouse at Texas Motor Speedway from 1 to 5pm. 

**See the invitation to this party on the Cowtown website under coming events. 


The cost is $25 per person and will include finger food, Margaritas (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), misc. beer, water, fruit, veggies, and other munchies.


 Bring out your best “beachy” apparel for the “Best Parrot Head” contest and show up in your best “decorated” flip flops for the best decorated “flip flop” contest.  There will also be a historical display of Cowtown memorabilia. 


We need your reservations & payment by May 28.


Let me know if you plan to attend by email at

or text me at 817-368-3730. 






by Debbie Lindsey

 Cowtown Vettes 50th   Anniversary party, a special salute to Cowtown Vettes and its’ 50 glorious years of existence.

Now you may be asking yourself, WHAT IS  A PARROTHEAD?? (just as I was! I am very naïve!) I googled this question and these are  a few definitions:

1) A rare specimen of non-conformist that is an apparently normal person that in reality is a restless dreamer and wild wanderer. Possessing a creative imagination and pure gypsy soul, their dress consists of delightful, yet creative and comfortable clothing of colorful Caribbean design. Diet consists of Cheeseburgers and Margaritas.


2) A devotee of the music and life style of Jimmy Buffett, who is the originator of “Caribbean rock-n-roll”, also known as “Trop-Rock”. It is a true sound of his own.  

The Cowtown Vettes 50th Anniversary Party, June 15th, has a Margaritaville theme so we are encouraging all members to come dressed in their favorite Parrothead attire. So, what would that be?? Clothes with a tropical theme- tropical shirts, Hawaiian lei, linen pants, parrot hat, hula skirt, coconut bra, shorts, bold colors, flip-flops, faded khaki or Easter egg color shorts. For more ideas, check out Amazon for selections and Pinterest for ideas on what clothes look like as well as how you can make something unique and special. There will be prizes for the best dressed male and female Parrothead.

Join us on June 15th as we spend some time “nibbling on cake, watching the sun bake, covered with oil…wasting away again at Margaritaville” celebrating 50 years of great memories with Cowtown Vettes Parrot heads (members)!



Vicki Currey - Secretary - Timing Chair

CTV Secretary


Just a reminder, the Membership and Board minutes are located in the Members Only section.


If you have any questions about the minutes, please feel free to contact me.


Timing Chair



If you are interested in learning timing for CTV’s autocrosses,


come spend some time in the trailer and join in the excitement!



Vicki Currey


Treasurer - Digital/Social Media - Sponsorship

Doug McMahan - Treasurer - Social/Digital Media - Sponsorship

Digital / Social Media Article

How about this amazing weather, although a few storms at times. Robert had a great cruise to Boerne for the TCA Car Show – lots of awesome rides at the Car Show. A couple of us came back a different route with some awesome backroads. I found what looked like some curvy roads on Google Maps and just couldn’t help myself – had to do it 😉  So next time you are out cruising – take the backroads and FORGET the busy major highways!

This year has started off great, it’s going to be a fun and exciting year for Cowtown’s 50th Anniversary 😉 We will continue with the slideshow each month at the Membership Meetings, which will include any socials and other events that took place in the previous month. The slideshow will continue to include some Corvette Trivia along with various other Corvette happenings around the country. Larry (our webmaster) does post a lower-resolution version online, on the CTV Website. Please provide any submissions for the slideshow to me no later than Monday evening of the Membership Meeting week.

If you have been working on or updating your Corvette with new items …or if you have taken a trip in your Corvette and have some photos to share with membership, please send those to me and I’ll include them in the monthly slideshow.  Cowtown’s Microsoft O365 account allows us to use OneDrive, which makes it much easier for you to provide high-resolution photos from events for the web and/or monthly slideshow. If you would like to share photos, please take them in high-resolution; if not, they can’t be used on the big screen since they would show grainy / blurry.  These are needed by noon, the Monday before the Membership Meeting. If you have questions, please contact me and I’ll provide you with more information and the OneDrive link to share your photos – basically use the highest resolution option you can set on your camera or smartphone.

When you receive a CTV-ALL eMail blast, we would request that you please only reply to the originator when you are replying to a CTV-ALL email. When you opt to reply, simply select Reply on the email, then remove the CTV-All entry and replace it with the email address of the originator. If you are sending CTV-ALL emails, please include your email address in the body of the email so you have that address handy.

If you change your email or home address, Corvette, or other info – please drop an email to

If you are not receiving CTV-ALL emails, please get with me so we can either add you or figure out why you aren’t receiving them.

More information on email distribution lists and the acceptable use of them can be found on our website.

Facebook – if you are on Facebook and not a “friend” of Cowtown Vettes, members cannot include you in tags at events; these tags show your non-club member friends all the fun we are having. Who knows, maybe some of you are in the witness protection program and don’t want to be tagged J If you are posting, be sure to tag Cowtown Vettes so it appears on our Facebook news feed.

Doug McMahan

Digital / Social Media Chairperson


CTV Treasurer

As a friendly reminder, our Monthly Treasurer Reports are located on the Member’s Only page on our website. If you have any questions about the reports, please feel free to reach out to me.

Additionally, all the Budgets and P&Ls for events and socials are on the Member’s Only page as well.

Doug McMahan

CTV Treasurer

CTV Sponsorship

For our 50th Anniversary, Cowtown could benefit and would like to partner with some good club sponsors (at any level); see below. Do you own or work somewhere that might be interested in becoming a sponsor?  if so, help promote them to become a Cowtown Vettes Sponsor? There are multiple levels depending on the depth of sponsorship desired. Do you have a candidate or any thoughts for a club sponsor? With club sponsors we can fund the financial needs of our club, but we also have opportunities for funding an event or socials; or event to print the Low-Down, etc. Not all sponsor levels have to be automotive related, so talk to us and share what you might be interested in sponsoring.

Note: We have a freshly painted Club Trailer – Certain Club Sponsors Levels will have their logo added to our club trailer, adding visibility beyond the flyer and our website.



We always have copies of Cowtown’s Sponsor Program at the Membership Meetings – see me. They are also available on our website, on the Sponsor page. If you need some in between meetings, contact either me or the Sponsorship Committee


We continue tweaking the Member Guide that will help everyone to understand and promote Cowtown to potential sponsors. This guide will only be posted on the CTV Member’s Only website page – not to be distributed to non-CTV Individuals.


If you have questions or need clarifications, please reach out.


Doug McMahan

Sponsorship Chairperson


50th Anniversary Club Photo Shoot

We are planning a 50th Anniversary Club Photo Shoot, hopefully in the May timeframe. We are currently looking at the Cleburne Railroader’s Stadium – providing we can make it work.

Where you can help us: please update your Corvette Info in the Membership Directory. We will be using this to plan the layout of the Vettes at the Photo Shoot. If you have more than one Corvette, please share which Corvette(s) you will be bringing to the photo shoot.  Please send that information to

Previous Photo Shoots (most recent):  30th  35th  40th 

Doug McMahan

50th Anniversary Committee

Board Members
                           Raley Smith               
                           Glenda McMahan       
                           Kim West          
                        William Nolan        
                         Cliff Holden          

 Membership Chair

Ann Walker - Membership Chair






                       MAY BIRTHDAYS:                                                                                           MAY ANNIVERSARIES:                        

May 1- LYNN FLEEGER                    

May 1 - GLENDA MCMAHAN              

May 4 - GARY HANNA                      

May 5 - JUDY ROLLINGER               

May 5 - GEORGE AGGAS                 

May 6 - KAY SNEGON                       

May 8 - SYLVIA HOALDRIDGE          

May 14 - DEBRA GERTH                     

May 19 - JAMES WHITCOMB              

May 22 - VIOLA MEYERS                    

May 23 - DIANE WHITCOMB               

May 24 - KEN CAMPBELL                  

May 24 - ROBERT GEYER                   

May 25 - JOE RATLIFF                      

May 27 - JASON VALEK                     

May 30 - BRIAN WISH                      

May 31 - MARY PITTMAN                 

May 4 - JIM & KAREN DAWSON                     

May 9 - BILL & DARLENE HORNBACK             

May 14 - JACK & CARLA GANDY                     

May 15 - KEITH & CAROL HUNTEN                  

May 15 - ROBBIE & CARLA SCHNEIDER           

May 19 - BILL & JANE BUEHLER                   

May 20 - LARRY & SUE COMBS                       

May 22 - TOM & SHARON WOMBOUGH           

May 23 - TODD & WENDY DALTON                 

May 25 - SAM & CATHY CASTORANI                

May 25 - MARK & LOU KIRBY                          

May 30 - JAMES & KIM LITTLE                       




Cowtown Cruiser


Robert Geyer - Cruiser/Equipment Chair

Hello cruisers, 

  It's May now and cruising season is in full swing.  I just returned from a great cruise to Boerne for a large and fantastic open car show.  Plenty of Vettes, Classics, and Hot Rods.  I had a great group of Countown people which made job fun and easy.  Also, several cruisers took advantage of the trip to collect Cruiser points. 

Good job guys!  

  In May I will not be leading our cruise myself.  Doug and Glenda McMahan will take over the honor and take you guys to nice winery in Ovilla.  The trip is scheduled for May 11th. 

Doug and Glenda always lead a really fun cruise, so plan for this one. 

More details soon.

   Next remember to go after those cruiser points and give last year’s winners some major competition.

If you have questions, I'm always here to help.


And don't forget to take pictures of your beautiful ride in a unique and interesting location for members to vote on this fall.  Take lots of pictures and sort through them later to find your perfect shots to display. 


Your Cruiser Chairperson 

Robert Geyer 


Cathy Baker - Charities

  Hello everyone –


  Well – the results are in. The charity organizations that our club will be supporting for 2024 have been voted on by the club membership at our March meeting.  I am happy to announce the two top winners for our financial support will be Fisher House and The Warm Place. These two organizations are local to Fort Worth/Dallas and surrounding areas. 


  The Fisher House Foundation provides accommodations to military/veteran families to stay free while loved ones are in the VA Hospitals and/or Medical Centers. 


  The Warm Place is a Fort Worth organization who provide grief support for children through counseling in a safe and caring environment not only for the children but their families as well.   


  And as stated in our March membership meeting, at the end of 2024 we will donate monetarily to these two organizations as well as the National Kidney Foundation.


  Also remember - there are some upcoming events that are being planned in the next few months.   The CTV club will be supporting the Don’t Forget To Feed Me organization by planning a “pet food drive” for our May 1st membership meeting at Fred’s Texas Cafe.  Last year we raised 494 lbs. of pet food, 10 lbs. of treats and $295 in donations to DF2FM.  This was an amazing outpouring of generosity and I hope that we can match or even exceed those results again.  This worthwhile organization is forever grateful to the Cowtown Vettes for our annual participation.


  I find one of the most rewarding parts of being the club’s Charity Chairperson is observing the kindness of our members throughout the year.  Donating time and money to groups in need by helping within our own communities is essential in maintaining our club’s positive reputation for giving.

        More to follow..

       Cathy Baker

       Charity Chairman



Larry Currey - Webmaster  

Corvette Z06 GT3.R Ready For 2024 Season

The Corvette Z06 GT3.R follows the retirement of the Corvette C8.R and discontinuation of the GTE class in the World Endurance Championship, with the new Z06 GT3.R debuting after two years of development under GM’s Competition Motorsports Engineering division and Pratt Miller Engineering.

Larry Currey



11 Greatest Racing Corvettes of all time

There has always been something Magical about Corvettes, Racing,
and the color Yellow

Watch the link below to see them all

11 greatest racing Corvettes of all time | Watch (

Larry Currey

National Corvette Museum
James Little - NCM Ambassador
About The Museum
At the National Corvette Museum, you’ll experience the legacy of America’s Sports Car, the Chevrolet Corvette.

Discover a rich history that spans over seven decades, showcasing the evolution of design, engineering, and the Corvette spirit.

Engage in interactive exhibits, experience the thrill of racing through virtual simulators, participate in educational workshops, and view rare memorabilia.

The Museum is a celebration of innovation, speed, and the enduring appeal of the Corvette, offering an unforgettable journey for enthusiasts and families alike, igniting a passion in each guest.

To visit the NCM website... Click
Corvette Museum

Car Show Chair
Kim West - Car Show Chair
It's time to get your log book organized for the upcoming car show season.

For all the information go to CTV's website, Activities tab, Car Show. There you will find the point system.

I hope everyone participates, even if you only attend one or two car shows, turn in your points.

The annual award will be give out at the Christmas party.

Car Show Committee Meeting 
May 8th
at the Buehler's home
7:00 PM

Please come join this great committee, everyone is welcome. We will need lot of help at our new location at Macy's/Hulen Mall. 
Contact me with any questions or if you want to volunteer.

Kim West
Car Show Chair

NCCC Chair
Larry Schaapveld - NCCC Events
Mark your Calendar

September 7 & 8 Our final Autocross for the year at TCC South Campus

Come out and watch fellow members race the clock and dodge cones

We always need helpers and the best seat in the house to watch is as a corner worker...
so plan on this event and support our club

NCCC Governor
Norman Walker - NCCC Govenor

May 13-19 NCCC National Convention - Joplin, MO

For Southwest Region Events for our Club Members to participate in...

click on this link    NCCC Southwest Region Schedule (

CTV Market Place
Donna Forsythe - CTV Logo Merchandise
Hello and welcome to the Logo Merchandise store.

There are lots of great things for sale with the Cowtown logo on them:
 Caps.Visors, Sweatshirts, Long Sleeve T-shirts, Short Sleeve T-shirts, Men’s & Women’s Long Sleeve Denim Shirts, Polo shirts Name Tags

(Please note that on all shirt orders, 2XL and up sizes are slightly higher)

If you want your name added to your shirt, Or a Cowtown logo or a certain year Corvette added to your shirt.
We also have stickers, patches and koozies So stop by the Logo table before and after the meeting to place your order. You’ll get your order by the next meeting.
Donna Forsythe CTV Logo Mechandise


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