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The "What you saw along the way" Photo Contest is open to any member taking photos with their Corvette.



The following is an attempt to provide information on already discussed questions and topics around this program.  If you have a question or concern that isn't listed that you would like to voice it and/or obtain a clarification, please feel free to contact the Cruiser Chairperson

Q:  I have not been able to find an X County in the USA.

A:  You are correct - seems there are no X Counties in the USA - thus we will count 25 counties earned to gain you the 5 extra points; instead of 26 counties.

Q:  Ref the Historical Markers; do you (the entrant), the Logo, and your corvette have to be in the picture? I assumed so but your picture in the example implies that all one needs is the marker. So far I have found one where the print on the Historical Marker is large enough to read with me, the logo, and portions of my Vette in the picture. I'm thinking that others may have such small print that one cannot read them in the photo w/ you & the car there too.

A:  The markers are tough - what most of us have been doing is taking a picture of the car in front of the marker then a close up of the marker. Ones in the State of Texas are easy for us to validate with the reference books. Additionally, the historical markers have to have the city / county on them, and state if they don't have a state seal to identify what state it was in

Q:  This is a tricky one: I think I know the intent of the CCP - you have to drive your car to the destination, take the photo with the required elements as contained in para 1. of the 2006 Rules / Guidelines. However, nowhere do I read that you have to have physically driven your car to the sign destination. Follow me? Here is an example (and I am not considering doing it unless you say it's OK), - in paragraph '2. An "Official Sign" is:' - that leads me to believe that if I see the official sign reading "Arkansas City" that I could use that sign for the state of Arkansas - is that correct? (I've used a similar example to count for a town and it's county because getting the town sign was impossible due to no parking area.) Anyway, this Arkansas City sign is NOT in Arkansas. The same type example is the Arkansas River - both of these signs are in OK. So they are "Official Signs" but they don't meet the intent of the CCP do they?"

A:  100% correct - the intent is to promote "driving your Vette" thus the reason that the racers can't use pictures of their cars on trailers. Trust me, the miles and expense our NCCC competitors go to, this was a tough one because they are promoting Corvettes and Cowtown too - but it is a "Cruiser Program" Part of the reason that schools, libraries, etc. are allowable are for this reason, they can be in cities that don't have anything do to with that name. What I have been telling folks - just keep a basic philosophy in mind when looking / taking pics.... if I were doing the point validation, could I be certain of where this was by looking at the sign or be able to validate the picture, via books and other reference material?

Q:  One last question: one of the state signs that I took was a fair distance from my Vette (I stood next to the sign, parking next to signs is always a bitch) and now that I have it developed the picture is more faint than I'd thought when it was taken. Hence, to read the state word on the sign one has to use a magnifying glass to read it! I really don't want to drive all the way to Missouri to take the damn thing again! What are the rules (or your ruling) on being able to read signs w/ or w/o additional "aids"?

A:  Understand... some signs are impossible to get to for use on the program - we have passed up many stops and points because we couldn't get the car in the shot or it just wasn't safe. When I plan a club cruiser cruise, I identify several stops based on reference material but depending on if it is 6 or 15 Vettes even makes a difference on if a stop is doable. To date, we have never been able to capture 100% of the "targeted stops" for this reason - we do highly promote for folks to be safe while cruising capturing the signs, one reason we added historical markers and other stops which keeps people from stopping on the side of a busy highway. If we can use a magnifying glass and make out the sign, it will be counted. Last year, best I recall, there were only 5 points out of all the participants that were un-usable and I think only 2 of those were for not being able to read the sign

Q:  What are the responsibilities of the Chairperson?

A:  Until time to validate and tally the points, the efforts are minimal

•  To be a focal point for members to ask questions. 

•  To be able to provide members the Entry Forms and Guidelines.

•  Schedule and sponsor a few cruises.

•  Help promote Cruise Sponsors and assist them as needed.

•  Talk about the Cruise program and cruises at Membership Meetings.

•  Provide Cruise information to the Webmaster and Newsletter Editor.

•  To validate and tally the points when the Entry Forms are received at year end.

•  Present the Annual Cowtown Cruiser Awards.

Q:  What impact does this do to the 100%'er Events?

A:  None, if one of the Monthly Socials (100%'er or non-100%'er) entails a cruise, then a member would get credit for the cruise towards the 100%'er and the Cruiser Programs.  Just to make it clear: Cruises that are not voted as 100%'er Social Events by the Board would NOT count as 100%'er events.

Q:  What would be the incentive be for a member to volunteer as a Cruise Sponsor?

A:  Thoughts would be to offer 5 extra points for each cruise they sponsored (maximum of 5 cruises or 25 points per year) with the following guidelines:

•  The cruises MUST BE scheduled two weeks in advance.  This keeps a group of four couples from deciding on Thursday they will cruise to a location to eat on Saturday and they take turns as Cruise Sponsor.  Last minute cruises would count for points but it doesn't offer the other members a chance to join in and socialize, thus there wouldn't be any extra Cruise Sponsor points for that cruise.

•  The cruise must be announced on the website, and either in the Low-Down or discussed at a Membership Meeting.

•  Cruise Route Maps would be provided by the Cruise Sponsor, available on the Web, via email or at Membership Meetings.

•  Cruise K&K waiver sheets must be managed and turned in to the Cruiser Chairperson.

•  If meal-time is part of the cruise, the sponsor should identify and have arrangements made for the cruise party

Q:  What is the reason for the Cowtown Cruiser Logo being in the photo?

A:  The intent here was to make sure folks had current year photos.  Initially we had entertained the idea of x number of points max per month - which got to complicated.  The goal is to know the photo was current year and that folks couldn't take more than one year's pictures in one trip (rumor I heard from HD).

Q:  Why was November 19, 2006, selected as the 2006 program deadline?

A:  This was done to keep the deadlines for this and the Car Show Program in sync.  It is going to be tight on getting the points validated and tallied - maybe taking a small committee to grind them out one evening.

Q:  What is Cowtown's Liability for such a program?

A:  This program involves individuals driving their Vettes just like many do daily, the difference is that they are a little more organized and in groups up to 10-15 or more Vettes.  If the cruise is a Cowtown Sponsored Cruise (social) then waivers and K&K insurance should be like it would be for any other Cowtown event.

Q:  Is taking pictures of 10-15 Vettes by sign going to be possible?

A:  This is something that has been discussed and we will have to play it by ear.  Thoughts are that if a group 4-5 couples / Vettes cruise and need a photo, most roadsides enable you to park the Vettes in a line behind the sign with the group of members up closer.

Q:  If I already have maxed out my maximum Cruise Sponsor maximum points, can I still perform either of the functions?

A:  Yes; however it would be desired that someone without their maximum points be allowed to hold that function.  If there are no other volunteers, then it is up for grabs.

Q:  Can we use the directional signs to a city or building for points? (example)

A:  No, the directional signs can be miles away from the town or building, the objective is that you are Cruising to these locations, representing Cowtown Vettes.

Q:  What if we don't have a digital camera or any camera at all?

A:  You can borrow the Club's Digital Camera.  While it is an older model, it does work and Club Members are welcome to reserve it.  If it is a sponsored cruise, there should be someone on the cruise that would assist in taking and getting you copies of the photos using their camera.

Q:  How do I know which Historical Markers are valid to use?

A:  The Marker MUST contain the City or County Name in the text and must be legible by the committee that will validate the entry point at the end of the year.  Below are some valid and non-valid markers along with a bad one that won't be counted (non-legible)

This isn't a National Cemetery

Q:  How do I denote that I used a Historical Markers for a City / Town or County, on my reference sheet?

A:  Place  (H) to the right of the City or Town name, i.e. Jacksboro, TX (H)

Q:  Can Historical Markers at a Cemetery be used?

A:  If the Historical Marker has the City or County Name in it, it can be used.  example

Q:  Its not specified in the rules but what constitutes an official locations / sign for a state?

A:  State Line markers or official State Buildings, i.e. a State Capital building or national State monument.

Q:  Do we earn out-of-state extra points for Forests, State Parks, etc?

A:  No, the extra point for out-of-state is only valid for Cities and Counties.

Q:  So a City or County, out-of-state, with a Historical Marker is worth 2 or 3 points?

A:  3 points would be correct for a Historical Marker, located out-of-state, used for a City or County.  Without a Historical Marker, out-of-state would only be 2 points.

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