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Various resources to assist you in cruising with the Cowtown Cruiser Program


Helpful Tips:

The following is a listing of a few tips we have come up with as we have been cruising.  If you other tips that would be helpful to fellow cruisers, please forward the info to the

Cruiser Chairperson

  • Plan out your cruising trip ahead of time, use the database references to assist in locating some of the hard to find places.

  • Vette Cruising is more fun on the smaller highways, avoid Interstates if possible.  The smaller highways are usually more scenic and many times have more curves to enjoy your Vette on anyway.

  • AVOID stopping on the side of Interstates and major highways - it is dangerous and a photo of a sign isn't worth the risk.  All cities & towns have many roads leading into them, get off the busy highway and take a smaller road out to the edge of the city or town and you'll find another sign, usually in a safer setting.

  • Look for the REALLY NEAT stuff to take your cruiser picture with - we saw covered bridges, old fire houses, waterfalls, etc. last year.  Remember, some of your photos might end up being something good to enter for the Photo Contest.

  • Don't take night time pictures - they won't turn out with the flash and if we can't read the sign in the photo, points can't be used.  (example)

  • While it is possible to cruise and take pictures by yourself (no passenger even), sometimes positioning the car, the sign and yourself in the photo is tough.  It is much easier and more fun to share the cruise with someone as your navigator / passenger.

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