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The following is a roster sheet for the various activities and volunteers to-date for our

10th Annual Super Speedway Weekend in September.

EVENT INFORMATION PAGE - Includes Schedule of Activities


EVENT FLYER (Pending Board Approval)

Functions are arranged alphabetically or click on quick-link below

Course Layout   Corners   Dinner   Floaters   Hospitality   Lunches   Parking   Photography 

Pre-Staging   Registration   Starter  Staging  Tech   Timing   Timing Board

WORKERS NEEDED to help put on this event - SIGN-UP as a Woker

EVERYONE is welcome to join in the fun!!!

SIGN UP SHEETS are also available at the Membership Meetings


Viola Meyers

SW-2006-32 Walt & Sharon Zschirnt
SW-2006-33 Doug & Glenda McMahan
SW-2006-34 Kevin and Cathy Anthony
SW-2006-35 Bruce & Yvette Lewis
SW-2006-36 Bobby & Manda Gorman
SW-2006-37 Larry & Sylvia Hoaldridge
SW-2006-38 Paul & Viola Meyers

Event Chairperson eMail List Name:

TMS Committee Chairs (all listed below):

Note: Workers that are ALSO participants are listed in BOLD


This group is responsible for performing a safety check on the race cars, per the NCCC tech sheet and rule book. 

Note: <Pre-Staging> will be assigning pre-stage Lane Assignments as the Vettes go thru "tech" on Friday night.  Doug is preparing the pre-staging layout and placement.

Chairperson: Bruce Lewis

Friday Saturday Sunday
Bruce Lewis Bruce Lewis Bruce Lewis
Doug McMahan Doug McMahan Doug McMahan
Paul Hackleman Paul Hackleman Paul Hackleman
Kelly Johnson Kelly Johnson Kelly Johnson
Robbie Schneider Robbie Schneider Robbie Schneider
Paul Meyers Paul Meyers Paul Meyers
Kevin Anthony Kevin Anthony Kevin Anthony
Don Fowler Don Fowler  
Walt Zschirnt Walt Zschirnt  
Jack Gandy Connie Dunn  
Ted Anthony    


The BEST SPECTATOR SEAT in the house!!!! We would like to have 3 or 4 workers per corner each day.  The more workers the more relief available - you don't have to know racing or be a racer to participate - it is a FUN JOB!!!  This group works out on the track, at areas which have pylons which create obstacles for the racers.  You are responsible for setting cones back up when they are knocked down and radioing in the car number that hit the cone(s) so they can be penalized.  Course Worker Guidelines

eMail List Name: 

Chairperson: Tim Lowrey


Corner Saturday Sunday
  Connie Dunn Richard Downing
  Carl Williams Carl Williams
  Frank Testa Frank Testa
  Lei Testa Lei Testa
  Tom McHenry Tom McHenry
  Doc Lambert Doc Lambert
  John Brefezynski John Brefezynski
  Larry Hoaldridge Larry Hoaldridge
  Karyn Fowler Karyn Fowler
  Mary Wolter (CCT) Mary Wolter (CCT)
  Paul Wolter (CCT) Paul Wolter (CCT)
  Teri Gunnels Teri Gunnels
  Jack Gandy Fred Rosett
  Kerry King Ronnie Sanchez
  Elaine King  
  Sam Castorani  
Also Racing
  Red Greenfeder Red Greenfeder
  Yvette Lewis Yvette Lewis
  John Masin John Masin
  Karl Samuels Karl Samuels
  Heather Anthony Heather Anthony


This group is responsible for setting up the track on Friday Night and making any adjustments to the layout throughout the weekend.  A Competitor will not be performing the "drive thru"

Note: this should NOT be a CTV Member participating in the event!

Chairperson: Bob Morrison

Function Friday
Chairman Bob Morrison
Assisting Cindy Morrison
Assisting Bruce Lewis
Assisting Red Greenfeder


This group is available for use in any area that needs assistance.  The Weekend Coordinator and/or the Floaters Chairperson will be asking you to work in various areas as needed.

Chairperson: Rick Garabedian

Friday Saturday Sunday
Rick Garabedian Rick Garabedian Rick Garabedian
Kim West Kim West Kim West


This group is responsible for stuffing the Participant Goody Bags, the week prior to the event.  The goody bags will be handed out during Event Registration.

Chairperson: Sylvia Hoaldridge

Sylvia Hoaldridge
Debbie Lindsay


This group is responsible for the Friday night is a light snack / drink social at the hotel; setting up, refills on items and the cleanup afterwards.  Additional hospitality functions include the lunches at the track on Saturday and Sunday for the racers and workers - see Lunches (below).

Chairperson: Don Wells

Friday Saturday Night BBQ
Don Wells (see Saturday Night BBQ below)
Nancy Wells
Jamie Hagwood
Sheri Hagwood
Barb Greenfeder


The MEAL will be catered and they provide a server.  This group will be responsible to help setup the area for the social, get the drinks ready along with cleanup afterwards.

Chairperson: Don Wells

Don Wells
Nancy Wells
Barb Greenfeder
Audrey Samuels
Sharon Zschirnt
Darlene Sullivan


This is where the RIGs are shown to park so that we can fit all of them into the area provided.

Chairperson: Shannon Vaughn

Friday Saturday Sunday
Shannon Vaughn Shannon Vaughn Shannon Vaughn


This is a group of individuals which will capture photos around all aspects of the event for the website and the History Albums.  This function is to be done in conjunction with other event functions for 100%'er credit (i.e. working corners and taking pictures)

Chairperson: Doug McMahan

Friday Saturday Sunday
Doug McMahan Doug McMahan Doug McMahan
  Carl Williams Carl Williams
    Richard Downing


This is where all the Vettes park while awaiting their turn to go up to the track.  We stage the Vettes by group and by type of driver(s) - the Vettes park in the same spot all weekend.

Chairperson: Bruce Lewis - Doug McMahan (layout)

Saturday Sunday
Bruce Lewis Bruce Lewis
Doug McMahan Doug McMahan
Glenda McMahan Glenda McMahan
Yvette Lewis Yvette Lewis
Paul Meyers Paul Meyers
Sam Castorani Sam Castorani
Bobby Gorman Bobby Gorman
Manda Gorman Manda Gorman


This group is responsible for registering the racers, at the track.  They will be responsible for validating the racer's drivers license & NCCC is valid, to provide goodie bags, lunch & Sat night BBQ tickets and the tech sheet.

Chairperson: Sharon Zschirnt

Friday Saturday Sunday
Sharon Zschirnt Sharon Zschirnt Sharon Zschirnt
Sylvia Hoaldridge Sylvia Hoaldridge Sylvia Hoaldridge
Cathy Anthony    
Carol Savage    


This is where the racers pull up to after they leave the Pre-Staging area, prior to entering the starting line.

Chairperson: Don Wells

Saturday Sunday
Don Wells Don Wells
Rick Garabedian Rick Garabedian
Harry Rumzek Harry Rumzek


This is the person at the starting line, in constant communication with the Timing group, which launches the cars after a careful check of the previous racers out on the track.


Rick Garabedian
Harry Rumzek


This group is responsible for handling the run times during the event, posting the run times on the timing board.

Chairperson: Nicole Watts

Function Saturday Sunday
  Nicole Watts Nicole Watts
  Ron Stearman Ron Stearman
  Michelle Hackleman Michelle Hackleman


This group is responsible for managing the Sunday Morning Laps around the TMS Oval.

Chairperson: Sharon Zschirnt

Saturday Sunday
Sharon Zschirnt Sharon Zschirnt
Kim West Kim West
James West James West
Nancy Wells Nancy Wells

Functions Eliminated for 2006 Event

Laps on Oval

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