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Updated the Home Page

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Date: Description:
5/25 Updated the Home Page...Operation Air Drop
5/16 Updated the Home Page...Thurber Cruise Canceled
5/10 Updated the Home Page...Fathers Day
5/9 Updated the Home Page...2020 Corvette may be rarest yet
5/1 Updated the Home Page...Fat Daddy's Registration Online Form
4/30 Updated the Home Page...Fat Daddy's Flyer
4/18 Updated the Home Page
4/14 Created the Tribute to Heroes Page...1 page, 11 pictures
4/13 Updated the Home Page
4/8 Updated the Gallery C8  Added 2 pictures
4/7 Updated the Home Page   added link to SWR Banquet
4/4 Updated the June Calendar
4/3 Updated the Home Page
3-27 Updated the Home Page
3-27 Updated the Member's Only Area  April Low-Down
3-24 Updated the Member's Only Area Amended By-Laws
3-22 Updated the June Calendar
  Updated the Home Page
3/14 Updated the Visitors and New Members
3/11 Updated the Officers Page
  Updated the Chairpersons Page
3/10 Updated the Home Page   April CTV Cruise and Lunch
3/9 Updated the Home Page  24th Speedway Weekend Flyer
3/6 Created the  Mardi Gras Party Event Page ...1 page, 21 pictures, 1 slide show
3/4 Updated the Home Page
3/1 Updated the Member's Only Area with the February HiRes Lo-Down Article
2/28 Updated the Member's Only Area with the February Meeting Minutes & Financials
2/26 Updated the Home Page
  Updated the Visitors and New Members
2/22 Updated the October Calendar
  Updated the November Calendar
  Updated the December Calendar
2/16 Updated the Home Page
  Updated the July Calendar
  Updated the August Calendar
2/12 Updated 2 slide shows CTV Autocross Mineral Wells
2/11 Updated Cruiser Packet/ Members Only Page
2/11 Updated 5 slide shows CTV CAR SHOW 2019
2/10 Updated the Cruiser Program Page
2020 Cruiser Schedule.
2020 Cruiser Tips,
2020 Cruiser Q&A
2/09 Updated Slide show CTV Christmas Party 2019
  Updated Slide Show TAFB CTV Workers 2019
  Updated the  March Calendar
  Updated the Membership Directory
2/08 Updated the Home Page
2/05 Updated the April Calendar
2/01 Updated the Home Page
1/29  Updated the Members Only Page
  Added the   Financils and Minutes
1/29 Added the   Low-Down - Home Page
1/26 Updated the Home Page Footer
1/25 Updated the History Page Larry Hoaldridge
1/19 Created the CTV Expense Report...1 page
1/16 Created the  Amazon Tour Event ...1 page, 17 pictures, 1 slide show
01/11 Updated the Visitors and New Members
01/07  Created the In Memory Larry Hoaldridge ... 1page
01/02 Updated the Home Page page
01/01 Updated the Member's Only Area with the January Meeting Minutes & Financials
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