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2005 Website Statistics

Total Photos / Images 20,950*
Total Webpages 734**

* Thumbnail views are included in this count

** some pages are non-public - for committee / board use only


NOTE: All webpages for this year retain their original look as originally published
Date Description
12-28-05 Year Ending Updates and Creation of '06 Pages
12-27-05 Year Ending Updates and Creation of '06 Pages
12-19-05 Year Ending Updates and Creation of '06 Pages
12-19-05 Added 2005 Christmas Party & Awards Banquet Event Pages - 11-17/05 (11 pages)
12-18-05 Year Ending Updates and Creation of '06 Pages
12-15-05 Year Ending Updates and Creation of '06 Pages
12-14-05 Year Ending Updates and Creation of '06 Pages
12-12-05 Year Ending Updates and Creation of '06 Pages
11-18-05 Added CCP Competition Season Ending Cruise Event Pages - 11/19-20/05 (4 pages)
11-16-05 Added Charity Poker Run / Rally / Social - 11/12/05 (4 pages)
11-16-05 Added Cooks Children's Charity Car Show - 11/12/05 (2 pages)
11-16-05 Added The Kitchen Store Car Show - 11/12/05 (2 pages)
11-15-05 Added NCCC Racing 11/05-06/05 MTCC / MCCC Event Pages - OKC (5 pages)
11-09-05 Added NCCC SWR 10/29-30/05 Fund Raiser (5 pages)
10-19-05 Added CTV 4th Annual All Corvette Car Show Event Pages (11 pages)
10-10-05 Added NCCC Racing - 10/08/05 - CCT Event Pages (5 pages)
10-09-05 Added Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend Pages (2 pages)
10-05-05 Added 4th Page to the Car Show 2005 Series
10-04-05 Added NCCC Racing - 09/24-25/05 CTV Event Pages (13 page)
09-09-05 Added NCCC Racing - 09/03/05 TVS Event Pages (4 pages)
09-04-05 Added NCCC racing Events - 8/26 Playday - 8/27 SJCC - 8/28 COCH (8 pages)
09-02-05 Added PREVIEW pages of TWS NCCC Racing Events
08-29-05 Added a 3rd 2005 Misc. Car Show Page
08-21-05 Added the August Pool Party Social (2 pages)
08-20-05 Added the Laps for Children's Charity Event - 9/10/05
08-07-05 Added the July Practice Autocross Event Pages (6 pages)
08-06-05 Added the National Awards Presentation at the CTV Membership Meeting event page
08-04-05 Added a skeleton 2005 National Convention Page - event pages to follow when photos are received.
08-01-05 Added the ZIP Products Logo / Link on the Home Page and Links page - as specified in the Website Contest rules.
07-22-05 Removed the duplicated page 4 since it was a dup of page 3, on the OKC July event pages.
07-18-05 Added the OKC 7/9-10/05 SCCC Event Pages (6 pages)
07-17-05 Added the preliminary OKC 7/9-10/05 Event Pages
07-11-05 Added the Practice Autocross Blurb on the Home Page

Added the NCCC MTCCA CCS Event in Belton on Sept 10th


Added the 4th of July Parade Event Pages (7 pages)

Added the NCCC MTCCA CCS Event in Belton on Sept 10th

07-03-05 Added the 2005 Progressive Dinner Event Pages (3 pages)
07-02-05 Added the Cook's Children's Charity Needs page
06-30-05 Added a CTV only page for photos of NCCC Event Boards and event results.
06-21-05 Removed the statement "Points are awarded for Judged Car Shows only (other than our Sponsor's)" since 5 points are awarded for each Bruce Lowrie Car Exhibition you show your Vette in -.  It was overlooked to remove this in 2004 when this points system changed to award those points for our Sponsor Exhibitions.

Added the NCCC Racing - Tejas Vettes Event Pages (5 pages)

Added the Vettes by the Shore Event Pages (3 pages)

06-19-05 Added 2 additional event pages for the Iowa NCCC Memorial Day weekend
06-17-05 Animated the Save-the-Wave Smiley and replaced it on 211 pages
06-13-05 Created a new animated NCCC/SW Region graphic for left frame (btm) and implemented it on 77 pages (only 2005 pages). 
06-09-05 Created a new animated CTV Banner (above 6 Generations) and implemented it on 211 pages
06-06-05 Updated the GIF for the 6-Generations w/animation, updated the Competition page with recent winners of each of the types of competition
06-05-05 Added the CCOC Drag Racing (2 pages)
06-03-05 Added the OCCC Racing (7 pages)
06-02-05 Added the Iowa NCCC Racing (1 page)
05-26-05 Added the LCC Event (5 pages)
05-22-05 Added the Amarillo Wheels & Wings Event (4 pages)
05-14-05 Added The Babe's Chicken Run Event (1 page)
05-04-05 Added a 4th page w/more photos to the BBORR Event (total of 4 pages now)
05-01-05 Added the 2005 By-Laws
04-28-05 Added the Big Bend Open Road Race (BBORR) Event (3 pages)
04-26-05 Added the NCCC Racing - CCO - Tulsa, OK (8 pages)
04-25-05 Added the TMS Parade Laps (2 Pages)
04-24-05 Added the NCCC Racing - Cen-Tex - Waco, TX (3 Pages)
04-19-05 Added the NCCC Racing - Texas Outlaws / Wichita Falls (9 pages)
04-11-05 Added the Cowtown Cruiser Inaugural Cruise (2 pages)
04-04-05 Added the Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure (2 pages)

Board Meeting Date moved to 4/18/05 since Coors wasn't available on 4/19

Added SW Region Awards Banquet Event (9 pages)

03-31-05 Corrected April TMS Meeting and Board Meeting dates
03-28-05 Added TMS 05 Committee, 2 Pages (non-public)
03-21-05 Added the Spring 2005 Practice Autocross Event (3 pages)
03-18-05 Moved the March Practice Autocross Invite / Event information to a separate page, off the "Other Competition" page.
03-10-05 Added the Fort Worth Rod & Custom Car Show Event (4 Pages)
03-01-05 Added the Cruiser Program Tips, Database & Points Summary Pages
02-09-05 Added the Race for The Cure info & participant shirt in the announcements
02-08-05 Added the Super Bowl Party Event page
02-07-05 Added the Metal License Plate frame announcement for Logo Merchandise
02-06-05 Added the GoodYear 25th Gala page
01-31-05 Added Local Weather Link on Main Page along with adding the 2005 Convention information/image and removed the 2005 Officers and Board listing
01-22-05 Officially posted the Cruiser Program Pages and referenced the program from the Competition and Index pages.
01-19-05 Added the temporary Cruiser Program pages - for Board discussion
01-05-05 Modified 441 pages to correct the graphic buttons after the pages were relocated
01-04-05 Modified image #8 to include the NCCC and SW Region NCCC Logos and links - this required a change to 104 pages.
01-02-05 Modified all 2005 and Standing Pages (104 pages) to the New Look - 2004 pages will retain the 30th logo and look since they occurred in 2004, the 30th year

2004 Statistics & Changes

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